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Sheeting / Drop Cloths

Private Label Construction & Consumer Sheeting is available in all popular sizes and gauges.

Our construction quality sheeting can be used for projects that have specific code requirements, and is great for the contractor in need of large rolls that they can easily cut to fit their need. Available in clear and black.
Agricultural Sheeting / Drop Cloths


Film-Gard® Agricultural Film is produced from advanced strength LLDPE resin under strict quality control standards to provide a superior product specifically for agricultural applications.

Construction Sheeting Sheeting / Drop Cloths

Construction Sheeting

Construction Sheeting can be used as an all purpose cover, vapor barrier, dust barrier, landscaping and concrete curing cover. Available in a variety of sizes and mil thickness.

Consumer Sheeting Sheeting / Drop Cloths

Consumer Sheeting

Film-Gard®, is a brand of plastic sheeting your customers can count on. Full line of sheeting in all popular sizes and mil thickness.

Landscape Products Sheeting / Drop Cloths

Landscape Products

Sheeting for landscaping and gardening, along with other specialty products for the lawn. Film-Gard has the products to make your Lawn & Garden department grow.


Painter's Plastic / Drop Cloths

For paint contractors and Do It Yourselfers alike, we have the right products to make their projects a success. This includes large rolls of painter's plastic, drop cloths, and other specialty items.

Specialty Products Sheeting / Drop Cloths

Specialty Products

In addition to our drop cloth and sheeting items, we offer a variety of specialty products ranging from stretch wrap to pallet covers and tailgate flags.